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The register sources are:

  1.  Data collection from door-to-door surveys (through a tablet application)
  2.  Household check-in portal
  3.  Registration directly on the biometric enrolment stations

The system allows households to be scored on the basis of an algorithm known as PMT (globally adopted to solve this type of problem), making possible the approach to the household’s income through the socio-economic data collected.

The system manages the invitation of eligible households, their biometric enrolment enrolment on geographically distributed enrollment stations and the remote collection of data. The system has been designed to manage the different cases observed in the field: Polygamy, duplicate detection, cases of fraud, person registered twice, absorption of a household, decomposition of a household...

The purpose of the system is to act as a central database for all aids programs at the national level, thus it will allow :

  1. feed each program by the potential beneficiaries according to the criteria of each program
  2.  Recover and centralize information on the actual beneficiaries of the different programs
  3.  Provide dashboards on the evolution of programs at the national level as well as an analytical study on beneficiaries

The system has been designed to keep full traceability and to track people and households evolution over time. Example:

  1. A household's scores history
  2. The history of a household's scores

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