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Gemadec provides its customers with the essential guarantees of digital trust through tools such as electronic signatures, secure electronic safes, and strong authentication solutions based on biometrics as a means of identification security, whether based on facial, vocal, or fingerprint recognition. 


  1. Border management system based on biometrics
  2. AFIS (Automated FingerPrint Identification Systems) system for biometric identity control solutions
  3. System for reading and verifying electronic documents (ID cards, biometric passports, driving licenses...)
  4. Biometric population census system

PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) is a public key management system that ensures the security of online communications using digital certificates. It identifies the parties involved in an online transaction and guarantees the integrity and confidentiality of the transmitted data.

  1. Management of electronic certificate production
  2. Interactive portal for managing certificate requests : Production, renewal, revocation, requests, etc.

  1. Electronic safe
  2. Document certification services
  3. Strong authentication

  1. Server and electronic signature tools, 
  2. Cryptographic supports, 
  3. Digital signature systems for handwritten signatures

KYC (Know Your Customer) is an identification solution used to verify the identity of customers in the context of a commercial or financial relationship. It consists of a series of procedures to verify the information provided by the customer, including personal information, in order to minimize the risk of fraud

  1. Biometric identification for remote entry
  2. Assisted capture of identity documents
  3. Automatic capture and extraction of personal data
  4. Assisted capture and automatic reading of proof of address
  5. Authentication of the prospect against his ID
  6. Dematerialized contract signature

The Proof of Life Dematerialization Solution aims to replace traditional methods of proof of life (physical presence) with a faster, more secure and reliable means of determining whether a person is still alive. This can be used for various applications such as alimony, pension, insurance contracts...

  1. Simplifies the life of recipients/pensioners
  2. Captures identity information and extracts the identity photo 
  3. The photo is compared biometrically to the one taken by selfie 
  4. Dynamic selfie / Life challenges
  5. Reliably detects that the person is alive
  6. Proceed to the payment of the pension


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